Mezomax is preclinical orthopedics focused company developing a small molecule drug to accelerate osteogenesis in fractures, osteoporosis and rare bone diseases.

Mezomax's small molecule drug is a first of its kind, oral therapy used to repair nonunion fractures and maintain strong bones. We have developed a non-hormonal anabolic oral formulation which accelerates fracture healing by stimulating bone-forming cells through regulating calcium metabolism. This is a different and safer mechanism of action than the current standards of care in fracture healing and osteoporosis markets.

Mezomax is committed to bringing this highly effective treatment to patients within the U.S. and is currently pursuing an expedited approval for the oral formulation for use in nonunion bone fractures by 2024.

Our Features
No FDA approved pharmacological treatments are available to address delayed union and nonunion fractures. The current standard of care is a surgery. There is a significant unmet need for medications that can stimulates bone-healing and which provides an alternative to a surgical option.
Creative Solution
Mezomax has created a drug which accelerates the restoration of bone tissue. MMX is an oral daily therapy that provides faster bone formation and increases bone density and may become the first pharmacological treatment for nonunion fractures.
Preliminary animal studies confirm the safety and efficacy of MMX in accelerating bone regeneration: bone fractures healed up to three times as fast compared to untreated controls.
In observational studies conducted outside of the U.S. in more than 1000 patients, the effectiveness of Mezomax was demonstrated in treating fractures, restoring healthy bone and healing other bone diseases.

Regulatory Pathway
Mezomax is accelerating the process to bring this drug to market. This regulatory pathway will result in an estimated 50% reduction in time to market: a 4-year total regulatory path and will allow MMX to become a best-in-class drug for bone fracture healing.
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